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We will have an update on Sunday regarding the status of refunds

With the the continued safety of our players, parents, and staff in mind, Pico Boys League will have to officially cancel the 2020 season.  Although Pico Boys Baseball League is truly a financially self sustaining organization with regards to the upkeep of our program and our facility, we do not see it fit to hold on to funds that parents paid for 2020 season registration. A refund of the registration fees collected is the only responsible thing to do in this situation. Pico Boys Baseball League appreciates the support of its league membership and we will always try to provide that support back in any way possible. We thank you for patiently being on this journey with us through the last 5 months, we greatly value you as a customer and we thank you again for your support.

Pico Boys Baseball will begin to start the process of refunds with the following guidelines and procedures:

1. All teams will be sent a financial report form and questioner so the league will have a final report of how funds were collected, spent, and held for the 2020 season. Any funds that were raised through fundraising or by collection for team items such as team banners that were not yet spent will be returned. We will require receipts as part of the spending report.

2. Uniforms - Pico Boys Baseball cannot provide any refunds for team uniform monies that are already collected and transferred to said uniform vendor. The league itself does not order uniforms or collect funds for uniforms, this is a team activity that is done individually by each team. If you ordered a uniform and paid in full then we are expecting the vendor to provide said uniform to you. If your uniform was completed and delivered to your team manager and you have a outstanding balance, you will be responsible for that balance and the uniform will be given to you upon payment. ANY UNIFORMS THAT HAVE BEEN DELIVERED AND NOT YET PAID WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM ANY REGISTRATION MONIES THAT THE LEAGUE IS HOLDING ON YOUR BEHALF. Once we receive the requested financial reports we will look at each team individually. If you have any questions or concerns we will make these financial reports available to you by inquiry through e-mail at

3. Raffle Tickets - Raffle ticket funds are not collected by the league, they are provided to our players as a way to help raise funds to offset costs for registration or uniforms. Since the league does not require the sale or the collection of raffle ticket monies, it is the responsibility of the parent(s) who sold said raffle tickets to provide refunds to their patrons. Again Pico Boys Baseball League does not collect these funds nor does it require the sale of the tickets, this is a player / parent activity only, and Pico Boys Baseball does not have any funds to return with regards to raffle tickets.

4. Once a complete assessment of your team has been completed we will begin to issue refunds. If you paid by credit card we will attempt to reverse those charges first. If you paid by cash we will issue a check. If you have any additional funds on record with your team we will also distribute those by check as well once the league has possession of those funds. We will provide more information regarding refund disbursements once a financial review of each team is completed.

5. Check our website at for the latest information regarding when disbursements will start. Please remember that it will take some time due to the collection and review of your child’s team finances before funds will be disbursed.

Thank you for supporting Pico Boys Baseball League in 2020 and we wish you and your family a safe year.  We hope to see you in 2021!


Pico Boys Baseball League

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